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Hello, I'm Christian



Christian Manuel was born in Port Arthur, Texas, and was raised in both Texas and California. He is the eldest brother of six siblings, four brothers and two sisters. 


Manuel started working in politics under State Representative Joe Deshotel in 2004 as a case worker. Manuel quickly moved up to a District Director and Assistant Committee Clerk. Finally, he has been Deshotels Chief of Staff for the last 10 years. As Chief of Staff, Christian executed Rep Deshotel’s legislative agenda, and worked hard to bring home victories for HD-22 over the past 17 years. Manuel’s professional experience serving as the right-hand-man to an experienced legislator like Rep Deshotel will be pivotal in ensuring more victories for HD-22, experience matters.

It's been an honor to serve the people of Southeast Texas alongside my mentor, State Representative Joe Deshotel.



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